Second Sunday of Christmas At-Home Service for Jan 3

This Sunday we enjoy the service of the Word for the Second Sunday of Christmas. These are difficult times for our congregations and communities, and we continue to pray for the safety and health for all in our world,  particularly those who work tirelessly in health care, emergency services, food preparation and transportation, and other essential services. Many of us did not gather with family and friends this Christmas season, and as so many struggle with isolation, fear, disappointment, and anger, we turn to the one who gives us hope that cannot and will not disappoint.

As we gather, missing our families and friends, we understand the Good News of Jesus Christ incarnate with us in different ways. While these new ways of gathering together online and on the phone may not necessarily become new traditions, we are grateful that the promise of Jesus, the love of God the Father and the blessing of the Holy Spirit can still be experienced.

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Bishop Kurt Kusserow Sermon

Christmas is the Church’s celebration of the incarnation of the Word of God.  Let’s think about that together for a while.

In the beginning, the Word of God spoke and all creation came into being.  This is somewhat more dramatic than calling a meeting to order.  God’s Word speaks “Light,” and light exists.  “Land,” and the earth is formed.  “Life,” and it is so.  Our words name realities, but God’s Word actually creates them.  St. John declares that all things came into being through the Word (1:3).

The Word of God was carved into stone, on the two tables of the Law given to Moses.  And the Ten Commandments continue to bless human community centuries later by ordering life around love of God and love of neighbor.  But God’s Word is also written on human hearts. . . . 

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Our worship leaders today include Bishop Kusserow and members of the roster of Deacons in our synod. We are blessed by these ministers of word and service and the gifts they bring to the church.

May you know the peace and the joy of the word made flesh this season.