GSLC Responds to COVID-19 Concerns

There is lot of concern and fear circulating in regard to COVID-19.  What the church does becomes even more important in such situations!  

  • We focus on truth and hope instead of feeding fear.  
  • Ours is not a false hope; it is based in the reality of Jesus – crucified and risen. 
  • That message will be at the center of what we do this Sunday as it is every week. 

In order that such hope may be based in the truth, here are some things being done at church:

  • Following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as local Public Health authorities. Things may change quickly, so please watch for updates from the church by email and social media. 
  • Increased cleaning of frequently touched surfaces such as door-pulls, etc. 
  • No shaking hands at the Peace or when greeting one another (for several weeks there has been guidance in the printed version of the Connections about how to do this). 
  • No passing of the collection plates; instead they will be located on stands at the door and you may place your offering in the plate instead of touching it. 
  • Tissues are located at either end of every pew (this has been true for several years).  
  • For those who choose to take Communion, please hold out the open and flat palm of the right hand to help avoid the risk of skin to skin contact when receiving the bread.  Similarly, avoid touching the inside of Communion cups; support them from underneath while they are being filled.  
  • As appropriate, Pastor Rike will make adjustments to how Communion is distributed.  

Know that the fullness of Christ Jesus is present in both elements of Communion.  While our tradition has made the case that both the bread and cup should be available, that does NOT mean everyone must receive both. 

  • There is ample room in our worship space to maintaining appropriate distance between people. 
  • Use your informed, best judgement about staying home or attending church services.  If you are sick, please stay home. 

Faith and salvation arise from what Jesus has done for us and in us by the Holy Spirit; we don’t have to prove anything to God.

  • Finally, many have noted the importance of hand washing. This can be a spiritual practice.  As you wash you might say the Lord’s Prayer because the amount of time it takes to say that prayer is about the same amount of time experts are saying a person should take each time s/he washes the hands. 

Please feel free to contact Pastor Rike if you have additional concerns or suggestions.