Sunday School Classes Raise $200 to Fight World Hunger

ELCA Good GiftsFrom March to May 2016, the Sunday School classes raised $200 toward purchasing ELCA Good Gifts. These gifts grow the church, fight hunger, and transform lives.

With the $200, the children decided to purchase animals from “God’s Global Barnyard.” After taking a vote, the children chose one goat, two pigs, three sets of honey bees, and three sets of chickens.

This gift of animals supports sustainable development ministries of ELCA World Hunger, which include training, education, resources (and much more) to help the community care for animals and create new market opportunities like starting a small business selling eggs, meat or dairy products.

In the fall, the Sunday School classes will again have the opportunity to donate more money toward purchasing ELCA Good Gifts. Thank you to all who donated!
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ELCA Good Gifts