The Ascension of Our Lord, Seventh Sunday of Easter, At-Home Service for May 16th

Last week I saw a video from one of my former colleagues from Central Pennsylvania. In that video, he made note of the fact that many in the church have a profound sense of loss. Even for those who were not alive to see it, there remains a communal memory of a time past when churches were full. Some people who used to go to church no longer do so. Friends and family members who should go to church do not. There is a longing to go back to the way things used to be.

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Pastor Rike’s Sermon

In the passage read today from the Book of Acts we heard the apostles ask a question. That question implied a story not so different from our own. They asked the risen Jesus, “Is this the time when you will restore the kingdom to Israel?” They also were longing for a return of the glory days. While church attendance was probably at its highest in North America during the 1950s, the apostles probably envisioned a time when there was no ambiguity about the sovereignty of the LORD, God. They may have had wanted to see something like the days of King David or King Solomon happen again. During their reign, Israel was independent and at the height of its influence or power. By contrast, the apostles had never known a time when their land had not been under the control of a foreign power, such as the Romans. They had heard Jesus talk about the kingdom of God and they believed he would change their situation.

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The Seventh Sunday of Easter Service for May 16th includes:
Hymn - Alleluia! Sing to Jesus, performed by Randy Broker
First Reading- Acts 1:1-11
Gospel- John 17: 6-19
Sermon by Pastor Rike
Hymn - Come, Join the Dance of Trinity, performed by Randy Broker