Palm Sunday of the Passion At-Home Service for April 5

Palm Sunday is here and we’d like to celebrate it together … at least in spirit!  The Gospel of Matthew (21:8) says that branches were cut from the trees and spread on the road, in Germany they use pussy willows and we’re going to use forsythia that is in bloom right now. Thanks to everyone for who sent in pictures – it helps us to feel a little more connected while we are apart.

Please follow along with the At-Home printed version of the Palm Sunday Service and Pastor Rike’s Sermon or click on the video links to follow along with Pastor Rike and Randy Broker.

Click here or on the photo to view the at-home service.

Pastor Rike’s Sermon

Trusting the Heavenly Father led Jesus to do what was truly right. Even while dying, Jesus did this, yielding the Holy Spirit – the Spirit who enables a person to trust God and do what’s right even when everything else in the world doesn’t seem the way it should be. Jesus endures things that should not be. He is the beginning of God making right all that is wrong. Through Jesus, we are brought to trust God . . .

Click here to read the entire sermon.

Video Options

Follow along with the service on video led by Pastor Rike, with music performed by Randy Broker.

Palm Sunday Service for April 5, 2020, includes:  
Opening Blessing 
Hymn: All Glory, Laud, and Honor (shown with a slideshow of members of the congregation with forsythia branches) 
Gospel Reading Matthew 27:11-54
Special Music 
Intercessory Prayer 
Hymn: My Song is Love Unknown

Make sure you check out the video compilation of our photos accompanied by the hymn, All Glory, Laud and Honor performed by Randy Broker. (Thanks to everyone who shared their photos!)