Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost At-Home Service for Nov 8

The 23rd Sunday After Pentecost we read the parable of the ten bridesmaids. The Second Coming of Jesus is one of the vital doctrines of the Christian faith and even if we don’t wait on pins and needles for it, we know the importance of being prepared. The question then becomes, “What does it look like to stand in wait for Jesus’ return?” 

Even Scripture shows a shift in thinking among St. Paul and others in the early church as they discerned they would be waiting much longer than they originally thought for the return of Jesus in final glory. That means waiting is an unavoidable part of believing for the Christian.

Follow along with the 23rd Sunday After Pentecost At-home service for November 8.

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Pastor Rike’s Sermon

In the parable heard today from the Gospel according to Matthew, neither the wise nor foolish wedding attendants were spared waiting before the groom arrived to begin the joyous wedding banquet that is the consummation of a new creation. That parable of Jesus taught about the importance of waiting and the difference between the wise and foolish.

[Too much and not enough]

In the parable, the foolish initially thought the groom would arrive much sooner than he did. Their plans could not accommodate anything outside of their expectations or outside of their control. They were unprepared for an extended period of waiting.

After those foolish wedding attendants were forced to endure an extended wait, the announcement came that the groom was about to arrive. Again, the foolish were caught off-guard.  At that point, they did not have enough time to get more oil. In other words, they couldn’t accomplish what was necessary to enter with the groom to the joy of the wedding banquet. For the foolish, there is always either too much time to wait or not enough.

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Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost Service for November 8 includes: Hymn: O God Beyond All Praising performed by Randy Broker, First Reading First Thessalonians 4:13-18, Holy Gospel Matthew 25:1-13, Sermon by Pastor David Rike, Hymn: Blessed Assurance performed by Randy Broker, Prayers and Lord’s Prayer, Blessing