Third Sunday After Pentecost At-Home Service for June 21

Today is Father’s Day and the Third Sunday After Pentecost.  We’re reading and reflecting on scriptures verses from Jeremiah 20:7-13 and from the Gospel of Matthew 10:24-39.

Teach us, good Lord God, to serve you as you deserve, to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to labor and not to ask for reward, except that of knowing that we do your will.

Follow along with the the At-home printed version of the Third Sunday After Pentecost service. Click here or on the image below to view the at-home version of the service.

Pastor Rike’s Sermon

The household of faith, called the church, has confidence in the love of Jesus.  Christians believe that, although this love doesn’t appear very strong right now, at the end of all things it will be shown for what it is when Jesus is revealed in visible glory.  We believe this love has already reached us.  Click here to read the complete sermon.

Video Options

Follow along with the service on video led by Pastor David Rike with music performed by Randy Broker. 

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The Third Sunday After Pentecost Service for June 21 includes: Hymn: How Firm A Foundation performed by Randy Broker, First Reading Jeremiah 20:7-13, Holy Gospel Matthew 10:24-39, Sermon by Pastor David Rike, Hymn: Children of the Heavenly Father performed by Randy Broker, Prayers and Lord’s Prayer, Blessing