The Third Sunday of Easter, At-Home Service for April 18th

A reading from the Book of Acts is appointed for each of the Sundays of Easter. Although sometimes neglected, the passages to be read from the Book of Acts will be the focus for these sermons during the Easter season. Acts is important because it tells the story of what the Gospel does!

As one famous preacher has put it, “…Acts itself was part of the ongoing attempt of the church to reflect upon the implications and applications of the gospel within the church so that the church might continue to be faithful to its calling.”

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Pastor Rike’s Sermon

In broad strokes the Book of Acts tells the story of the Holy Spirit, assembling a community and bringing them into the presence of God through the man, Jesus Christ. That story can be seen over and over again, but there are three examples to be highlighted in this sermon. The apostle Peter provides the first example. His speech outside the temple at the time of prayer provided most of today’s First Reading. The second example is the man Peter mentioned in that speech. That man had been unable to walk since he was born but was healed in the name of Jesus. The third example is how the same story can be seen among us and among all who hear the Gospel of Christ Jesus, as spoken by Peter in the passage read today from Acts.

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Follow along with the service on video led by Pastor Rike, with music performed by Randy Broker.

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The Third Sunday of Easter Service for April 18th includes:
Hymn - Christ The Lord is Risen Today!, performed by Randy Broker
First Reading- Acts 3:12-19
Gospel- Luke 24:36b - 48
Sermon by Pastor Rike
Hymn - With High Delight, Let Us Unite, performed by Randy Broker