Ninth Sunday After Pentecost At-Home Service for August 2

The 9th Sunday After Pentecost, we read in Matthew 14:13-21 about the feeding of the five thousand. The often unnoticed things Jesus did are actually how his compassion reaches us. He took; he broke; and he gave. He took the bread the same way he took to himself all the sickness of this world. He touched what was considered profaned and lacking. He held it in his hands. He held what was broken. And, then he gave it back.  These are the same things he did when he instituted Holy Communion.

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Pastor Rike’s Sermon

The same healing Jesus accomplished with the crowds has come also to his church. Jesus has given that which has the power to heal and satisfy even in the midst of continuing brokenness. His taking, breaking, and giving create faith in the midst of a weary world. We may focus on the bread, but the bread carries something greater. For those hungering and thirsting for more than just bread (Matthew 5:6) the actions of Jesus fill us with trust in God. Even in the midst of continuing brokenness, trusting him is life itself and the promise future health.
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The Ninth Sunday After Pentecost Service for August 2 includes: Hymn: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing performed by Randy Broker, First Reading Isaiah 55:1-5, Holy Gospel Matthew 14:13-21, Sermon by Pastor David Rike, Hymn: Break Now the Bread of Life performed by Randy Broker, Prayers and Lord’s Prayer, Blessing