Easter Sunday, At-Home Service for April 4th

The first response to the Resurrection of Jesus did not consist of joyous Alleluias. When Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother of James and Salome went to the tomb where Jesus was laid they saw the large stone rolled away. They saw a young man, perhaps an angel. They heard that young man say Jesus had been raised, and their first response was not joy but fear!

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Pastor Rike’s Sermon

The women who went to the tomb after the sabbath to anoint the body of Jesus would likely be in the second group. They had watched from a distance as Jesus died, powerless to change what they saw. At their first opportunity, they tried to adapt to the way the world had changed. They carried spices to the tomb, hoping to do what they had not been able to do before Jesus was buried. They were preparing for a world without their Lord. They did not want to be stuck, looking to relive a past that would ever materialize but only disappoint them.

What the women saw and heard on that first Easter morning disrupted their efforts to adapt. They could not go back to the way things had been, but neither were they able to carry out their adaptations. As a result, Mary Magdalene and Mary the Mother of James and Salome “said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.”

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Follow along with the service on video led by Pastor David Rike, with music performed by Randy Broker.

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The Easter Sunday Service for April 4th includes:
Hymn - Jesus Christ Is Risen Today, performed by Randy Broker
First Reading- 1 Corinthians 15:1-11
Gospel- Mark 16: 1-8
Sermon by Pastor David Rike
Hymn - Thine Is the Glory, performed by Randy Broker