View Photos from a Children’s Last Supper Experience

This past Sunday, February 26, children in grades Kindergarten through five participated in a special Last Supper experience during Sunday School, led by GSLC’s Christian Education Director and Sunday School Teacher, Kristen Gulakowski.

To prepare for a discussion about how Jesus washed the twelve disciples’ feet at the beginning of the Last Supper, the children traced each others’ feet on paper and learned how to do elaborate “foot handshakes” with bumps and spins.

Next, Kristen Gulakowski washed the feet of the children. All of the kids were excited to have their feet cleaned! As Kristen washed each child’s feet, she said to them, “You are loved and a child of God.”

Last, the children experienced the Last Supper with bread and grape juice. Before the kids ate their “meal,” each child individually told the class one thing that they are thankful for.